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To   begin   the   day   in   the   very   best   of   ways,   our   guests   can   enjoy   a unique   breakfast   in   our   breakfast   room,   in   our   Lounge   Bar   or   in     the panoramic roof garden. The   Lounge   Bar   presents   itself   with   a   friendly   atmosphere   and large windows with an enchating view over the Via del Mercato. The   Breakfast   buffet   offers   a   wide   selcetion   of   cheeses   and   cold meats,    eggs,    mozzarella,    focaccia,    as    well    as    croissants,    fruits, cannoli   with   ricotta   and   typical   biscuits   of   the   Sicilian   tradition.   In summer it does not miss the traditional granita with brioche. The   Lounge   Bar,   with   its   design   furniture,   offers   the   possibility   to have   a   glass   of   wine   with   a   snack,   in   addition   to   pleasant   happy hour with a selection of local products.